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Friday, October 17, 2008

Refund of Tuition fees for fellowship holders

If you are one of the fellowship holders of this semester, please take note that you have to go to IPS to collect a letter in order to get the refund of your tuition fees.

I believe most of you just like me, has submitted a letter to IPS at beginning of this semester to ask for refund. However, we only got a receipt from IPS at that time. After a few months I have waited and still have not get the money, I went to IPS and asked about it this morning. The IPS staff took my receipt and gave me a letter, which acknowledge that I’m under a program and ask “Jabatan Bendahari” to refund tuition fees to me.

So, if you are still waiting for your refund, bring your receipt to IPS to collect your letter. However, it is not the end yet. You have to bring a copy of your tuition fees’ receipt and send it to “Jabatan Bendahari” with the letter you collect from IPS to claim for the refund.
By: Tan Chee Seng

1 comment:

cheeseng said...


I went to jabatan bendahari just now. They said we have to attach ORIGINAL RECEIPT rather than photocopy as written in IPS letter.

In addition, we have to write down our bank's account number on the letter. Then go back to jabatan bendahari after two weeks to collect your original receipt.