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Thursday, September 4, 2008

Welcome to Postgraduate Official Blog!

Before I leave the office as Deputy Dean in April 2009, I am called to create this blog. The purpose of the blog is as one of the ways to disseminate information regarding opportunities (grants, fellowship, seminars, etc) to the students (more opportunities now as a result of RU and APEX). The blog will also provide a platform for students to discuss issues directly related to their experiences here in USM under the School of Social Sciences. You can voice your grievances, delight, ideas, opinions, etc here. The issues can vary from as serius as your thesis topic and theoretical discourse to as common as sighting or experiencing abnormal phenomena at the "Balai Siswazah". We can also plan activities such as outings together, annual dinner or even a "poco-poco" session (opps....must be Islamic though, ladies one side and men the other sides).

Welcome and please contribute. If you have pictures that you want to share, please email to

Hope we will have a fruitful discussions!

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