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Monday, September 15, 2008

Call for Papers for Asian Perspectives

The Second Issue of Asian Perspectives (working title)

It is our pleasure to announce that our journal, Asian Perspectives (working title) on Asian history/cultural studies will be issued in March, 2009 by the Institute for East Asian Studies at SungKongHoe University.

Prospective authors are cordially invited to submit original contributions describing completed research related to cultural studies and history area.

The contributions will be screened and published on the second edition in March, 2009.

The contributions as for the second edition should be considered the following aspects:

- Subject Coverage: Asian history, Asian culture and critical & cultural studies in Asian regions.

- The contribution should have the form as followings;

1) The cover (the attached)

2) English abstract (150 words max)

3) Keywords

4) Full paper:

- English papers: 10,000 words (single-spaced, 11 font)

- Korean, Chinese, Japanese papers: A4 15 pages, 11 font)

5) Note

6) Reference

Important Dates

Full Paper Submission: 31 January 2009
Notification of Acceptance: 3 February 2009

Notes for Prospective Authors

Submitted papers should not have been previously published nor be currently under consideration for publication elsewhere.

All papers are refereed through a peer screening process.

Korean, English, Chinese, Japanese papers are welcomed to contribute. All the papers except English papers will be translated into Korean to be issued.

Our executive editorial collectives and senior editors are as followings;

Executive Committee:

Paik Won-dam, Charles K. Armstrong, Shin Hyun-joon, Wang Xiao Ming, Chen Kuan-Hsing, Ubonrat Siriyuvasak, Dai Jinhua, Wang Hui, Chua Beng-huat, Theodore Hughes, Yoo Joong-ha, Cho Hee-yeon, Sakai Naoki, Leo Ching

Senior Editorial Collectives:

Kim Yerim, So Young-hyun, Shim Bo-seon, Kim Miran, Cha Seung-ki, Yun Young-do, Toya Mamoru, Eva Tsai, Kelly Hu, Song An Jong, Michiba Chiganobu, Margaret Cui, Wang XiangXian, Yonetani Masafumi, Viriya Sawangchot, Park Ja-young

Cover of the Contribution

Title of the Contribution
(As short as possible)

Author’s Name




Name of Institution:

Contact Information



Full postal address:

Biographical notes:

(papers or articles)
(Approximately 100 words per author, maximum 150.)

[General Information of the First Issue]

We would like to attach the contents of the first issue, so please find them well.

Asia PErspeCTiveS

1. Purpose of the Journal

1) Asia PErspeCTiveS will become a gestalt for trans-national cultural studies and history field including south east Asia and north east Asia.

2) Asia PErspeCTiveS will make an issue of Inter-Asian questions to create the foundation of Asian common knowledge.

3) Asia PErspeCTiveS will recompose the historical and contemporary meaning of Asian culture and attain the prospect of its future, with overcoming ‘cultural-artistic’ orientation and ‘political-economic’ orientation of other existing journals regarding Asia.

2. Feature of the Journal

1) No. of Issuing: Initial issue due in September, 2008 - Half annual publishing (March & September)

2) Language used: Initial issue in Korean; Bi-lingual (Korean-English) from the second issue.

3. Specific Contents and Contributors of the Initial Issue (All written in Korean)

- Issue: Asian Cultural Industry and Cultural Human Resources – Production and Regulation of Culture

Shin Hyun-joon : Cultural Industry and Policy in Korea: Culture and Nation in Global Era of Neo-Liberalism

Dai Jinhwa : Cultural Industry in China

Takahara Motoaki : Lower Society of the Youths Whose Creativity Is Not Allowed

Joel David : Condemned Property: Video Piracy in the Philippines

Viriya Sawangchot : Why does “culture” rather than industry matter in Thailand’s economics development

- Re-focusing Asian history & Culture

Law Wing-Sang : The Violence of Time and Memory Undercover: Hong Kong’s Infernal Affairs

Liu Shu Qin : Yellow Covered Literature as a Position: 369 Newspaper and Book Market in 1930’s, Taiwan

- Young Scholars' voices

Sue Kim : The Host in Genre, Genre in the Host

Zhu Jie : The Background of Conflicts of Father and Son: Rereading Lu Ban’s Offsprings

Lee Hwa-jin : Return of ‘Chosun’ Cinema

- Now-Hot

Dai Jinhwa : Discourses on Lust, Caution

- Report

Shim Bo-seon : Inter-Asia Summer Youth Camp

- Stream of research – Book Review

Hong Jong-wook

Kwanja CHO, Cultural Circulation between the Colonial Korea and the Imperial Japan -Nationalism and Repeated Colonialism (Tokyo:Yushisha, 2007)

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