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Friday, September 5, 2008

APEX Status and Us.....

I was involved in one of the interviews during the interview session by the APEX committee panel. The spirit on that day was just to "do your best", the probability to be chosen as APEX was still blurish, with vicious competition from other universities....All of you have benefited from the RU status, we are still not clear what to come under the APEX status, but the emphasis remain, postgraduate programmes will be expanded, with all the benefits....of course you are expected to deliver outcomes.....publications of all forms - papers, articles, journals and to be within the top 100, if possible top 50, we need more ISIs papers. With the PGRS, research students are now given the chance to become principle investigators of their own small reearch projects and again remember to produce original outcomes. The strains will also be on us, lecturers, who have to doubled, tripled, quadrupled our duties as administrators, researchers, writers, etc.

Challenge yourselves!

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