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Saturday, November 15, 2008


Assalamualaikum w.b.,
Dear beloved brothers and sisters,

I am pleased to cordially invite all to a new ISDEV Study Series on METHODOLOGY OF TAFSEER to be given by ISDEV Post-Doctoral Fellow, Dr Saad Siddiqui from University of the Punjab, Lahore, Pakistan.

The Series will be held at ISDEV on every THIRD TUESDAYS of each month for 10 months, beginning from TUESDAY 18th NOVEMBER 2008, from 3.00 PM TO 4.30 PM.

The topics of the Series are as follows:

Lecture 1: Introduction to the Holy Quran and Its Significance
Lecture 2: Some Basic Principles of Tafseer
Lecture 3: Tafseer, Its Meaning and Commencement in The Age of the Holy Prophet s.a.w.
Lecture 4: Tafseer in The Age of Sahaba and Tabi’in - Sources and Methodologies
Lecture 5: Different Methodologies of Tafseer in the Period of Compilation
Lecture 6: Traditional Based Tafseer (Mathur Tafseer) I
Lecture 7: Traditional Based Tafseer (Mathur Tafseer) II
Lecture 8: Islamic Jurisprudence in Tafseer Literature (Ahkam Al Quran) I
Lecture 9: Islamic Jurisprudence in Tafseer Literature (Ahkam Al Quran) II
Lecture 10:Sufi’s Tafseer

May Allah s.w.t. allows all of us to benefit from this Series, InsyaAllah.

Muhammad Syukri Salleh

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